What to expect when working on the Activate NCS programme:

As an NCS staff member, you’ll work with 15 to 17 years old through a three-week residential programme. The NCS programme is a national government-funded programme and Activate run the programme for Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Midlands,  Somerset, Doset & Surrey Schools

NCS is broken up into four phases:

Week 1- 5 day residential.

  • Phase 1 -  leading young people through activities such as kayaking, colour run, team building, outdoor pursuit and navigation challenges.
  • Phase 2 - leading young people through activities such as how to present yourself to an employer, understanding how industries such as music, sport, media work and taking our unique awards.

Week 2- 30 hour social action project.

  • Phase 3 - A social action project aimed at having an impact in the local community.

Time to celebrate.

  • Phase 4 - Graduation for the young people to receive their awards.

Before starting you’ll be required to complete a thorough online training platform to make sure all NCS staff are at the same level when first starting. You’ll be given a timetable of the first two phases of the programmes as well as a detailed curriculum prior to the programme, so you’re fully prepared on what activities to lead and when they’ll be happening. Phase 3 is where you’ll provide guidance and support to make sure the young people create a safe and practical social action project, that’ll help impact the local community.

We employ the following roles on our NCS programme –

  • Venue Manager
  • Activity Coordinator
  • Welfare Officer
  • Wave Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Team Assistant

To ask more questions, please email