• Netball Fever Camps
  • Netball Fever Camps
  • Netball Fever Camps

DAILY TIMES 9.30am-4.30pm
Extra Time Club available
8.30am-5.30pm (8.00am-6.00pm at selected locations)

Every NF camp features a star visit. NETU superstars Lucy, Rosie or Molly (or one of their netball friends) will visit camps to pass on their Super League and netball knowledge. A great opportunity to learn from the best!

Netball Fever is filled with plenty of high quality technical, tactical and game play coaching from our trained staff.

Netball Fever is a 3-day netball camp best enjoyed as the full camp but also includes daily and half day booking options too. For children aged 7-14 years old.


Netball Fever is a unique nationwide netball course for children aged 7 to 14 years of age.

Our course has been custom designed with the help of Super League players to deliver a netball experience that will cover all aspects of netball, that is ideal for any level of player, whether you are just starting out or you are a potential England player.

Every Netball Fever has a STAR VISIT from Lucy, Rosie or Molly from NETU who will pass on their vast netball and fitness knowledge, delivering fun, engaging sessions and taking part in a Q & A, autograph session and of course...selfies! If one of the Harris sisters can't attend, then they will call upon one of their Super League friends to visit instead.

Netball Fever is a great opportunity to learn netball from the very best players and coaches!

Who is it for?

Netball Fever is for girls and boys aged between 7-14 years old. Whether you are new and want to enjoy your first experiences of netball or have played before, our coaching programme is designed for all children to benefit, enjoy and develop their game in a fun and safe learning environment.

The Netball Fever coaching programme is written by netball experts alongside top coaches and childcare professionals to ensure that all ages and abilities will have fun, learn and challenge them to BE AT THEIR BEST.


Every Netball Fever camp features a star visit from one of the NETU co-founders Lucy, Rosie or Molly. It is a great opportunity to pick up coaching and technical tips from the very best and learn how they made it to the top!


Est. on New Years Eve in 1995, Lucy (middle) was the first to break on to the scene. As the eldest she is undoubtably the best at everything, has the blondest hair and can remember all the embarrassing stories of her younger siblings growing up.

Lucy has represented Yorkshire Jets, become a two-time Champion with Wasps and spent 2021 signed to the Severn Stars for her 7th season in the Vitality Netball Super League in the C/WA/WD position, she has also represented England As and England U19s.

Rosie (right), in her words, is "the tallest and funniest sister". Her 3 main passions in life are netball, environmental science and coffee ("I'll have an oat milk, single shot, flat white please"). Rosie has played professional netball as a C/WD/GK for 4 years, in teams, Yorkshire Jets as a youth and Loughborough Lightning during her university years. She has also represented England As, U19s and U17s. She spent 2021 with the Leeds Rhinos team who made it to the semi-finals in their first ever season!!


Lucy and Rosie went head-to-head in the 2018 and 2019 Super League Grand Finals. Lucy managed to come out on top both times and kindly wore her gold medals down to breakfast on both of the following mornings.

"Saving the best till last"... Molly (left), the final sister entered this world in 2000 in the city of Dublin. As the youngest of the three, she is "definitely the favourite" and has successfully wrapped our parents around her little finger. From a young age Molly followed in her sister's footsteps competing in a range of sports, eventually committing her time to netball.

Molly is currently studying physiotherapy at Northumbria University. Alongside her degree, she is nipping at her elder sister's heels, captaining both the 1st team in BUCs and the U21 NPL (junior Super League) Team North in the WA/C position. As co-founders of NETU we are so excited to get started on our journey, so join us, to be a part of our awesome community. Let the hard work commence!!!


Who are NETU?

Lockdown posed a unique, exciting opportunity for the 3 sisters to launch NETU.

They had an epiphany that, if they had trained 'smart' throughout their careers, they would be less injured and far better athletes. At NETU, they aim to help you with the many aspects of fitness that modern netball encompasses, including; strength, endurance, mobility, stability, injury prevention, skills, agility, nutrition and mental wellbeing. In targeting these elements, they have developed a "circular fitness concept", which will be a constant feature of all their training.

Anyone can train hard, but it is up to you to train smart!

As netballers themselves, they recognise that netball requires you to be in great all-round shape, yet, in the past, they have all felt a lack of confidence in what they were doing in preparation for their season.

Now, they would like to provide programmes and coaching that will help give players confidence in their training both in and out of the gym and therefore confidence on court.

They believe netball is on the edge of something amazing and they want to help it get there. In offering these sessions, they hope to contribute to netball's continuing growth, with fewer injuries, and healthier, happier players.