Active Leaders

Leadership Camps with Active Leaders

Join us this summer to develop your leadership skills!

We are delighted to have partnered with Active Leaders to offer the Active Leaders programme for teenagers aged 14-17 years old.

What is Active Leaders?

Active Leaders – employability and leadership through activity.

The Active Leader course is a 4-day, practical leadership and employability programme for young people aged 14-17 years old. The course empowers teenagers to become Active Leaders, giving them the foundation to lead others in sport and activity.

The course is delivered by experienced Active Leaders trainers.

Running alongside an Activate Camp, the attendees will take part in a combination of classroom and practical sessions including hands-on experience leading activities for the Activate Camp children!

The Active Leader course is nationally accredited by CIMSPA. It is open to anyone wishing to learn and develop new skills, enhance their personal profile and explore next step opportunities. In particular, its focus on citizenship and the value of volunteering and social action has been highly commended, including by OFSTED.

At the end of the course each student receives a personal reference which past Active Leaders have used to support job applications, further training and university personal statements.

Active Leaders is recognised by all Activate Camps recruiters and is the perfect stepping stone in to holiday camp work with Activate!

Active Leader Course

  • CPR and first aid awareness
  • Basic safeguarding
  • Risk management
  • Preparation & planning
  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Budgeting
  • Hands-on delivery
  • CV development

Each trainee receives printed course materials and a t-shirt. At the end of the course each Active Leader receives a reference, certificate, 10 CPD points and a pin badge.

Sessions are always practical with an emphasis on fun, teamwork, problem solving and interactive engagement.



Can you beat your BEST? You'll need to be at your BEST. Every camp will have at least 2 exciting challenges each day!

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