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Multi Sport and Activity holiday camps for children aged 5-16 years

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Inspiring a new generation of lacrosse players!
9.30am-4.30pm with optional extended hours from 8.30am-5.30pm

for children aged 7-16

​ULE Coaching Programme

Lacrosse Camp Typical Day – Stick skills

8.30 - 9.30am Extra Time Club (DVD/Arts & Crafts)
  ULE Energiser
Session 1 Stick Skills
Session 2 ULE Challenges
Session 3 Ground balls and boxing out
  Lunch and exploring the world of lacrosse*
Session 4 Multi Activity Session
Session 5 Small sided TGFUs
Session 6 Leadership & communicaiton games
Session 7 Coached Tournament
  Reflections & worksheets
4.30 - 5.30pm Extra Time Club (DVD/Arts & Crafts)

Our ULE coaching programmes are designed to cater for every level of player whether you are just starting out or you have your eyes on being the next England International.

Whether you want to enjoy your first experiences of lacrosse or have played plenty before, our coaching programme is designed for everyone to benefit, enjoy and develop in a fun and safe learning environment. 

The ULE coaching programme is written by England Performance Coach Charlotte Lomas and childcare professionals to ensure that all ages and abilities will have fun and learn through fun skills and games. As well as our Star Visits, our experienced and NGB qualified coaches deliver the exciting ULE programme.

We understand what is required at every age and ability level to have fun and deliver a stimulating, challenging and exciting lacrosse programme. ULE is not just a skills development camp. We offer exciting and interesting sessions in core skill development that are useful not only in a sporting context but also in wider life and social environments.

We aim to meet each players own goals and objectives whatever their level and our programmes are uniquely designed to reflect this. 

We employ a variety of drills to cover specific skills throughout each camp, with the focus on improving the basic skills of throwing and catching whilst being put under pressure.

Players will learn ways to defend against other players with or without the ball and master how to offensively take on another player.

The basic fundamentals of lacrosse such as tactical awareness, communication, shooting, attack and defence unit play are also covered.

We understand that to develop young children holistically they cannot just play lacrosse for 8 hours each day so the programme is enhanced with additional education in the following areas as part of the course.

  • Creative writing and research based around a star player or the sport of Lacrosse
  • Leadership
  • Communication and problem solving in teams
  • Maths within sport
  • Diet and Nutrition (10 years and above)

An example timetable of activities is shown above. All of the drills and skills mentioned, including more, will be taught at the level and ability of each group or player, enabling them to improve and enhance their skill levels and confidence on the pitch in game situations.


*exploring countries and cultures of lacrosse playing nations