Coaching Programme

Triathlon Masterclass is a 3-day quality coaching camp. The Triathlon Masterclass offers 7-14 year olds the chance to develop on a variety of skills, techniques and behaviours to help them enjoy triathlon. Every TMC is filled with plenty of swimming, running and cycling as well as competitions and challenges.

Every child will complete a worksheet during the camp which includes feedback provided by their coach at the end of the camp. We also have spot prizes, certificates and one child will receive the BE AT YOUR BEST award for displaying the best Bravery, Enthusiasm, Sportsmanship and Teamwork during the week.


Our coaching programme has been devised by Tri Training Harder, a triathlon coaching company at the cutting edge of the sport. TTH specialises in innovative coaching, run by triathletes, for triathletes.

The curriculum uses games, technical sessions, challenges and competitions to allow triathletes of all abilities to BE AT THEIR BEST.

Each of our camps include sessions to help develop:

  1. Technical transition and discipline specific skills
  2. Tactical awareness of swimming, biking, running and transitioning in a crowd
  3. Social skills working with other campmates throughout the camp
  4. Speed!



Activate Camps have trained managers on every site who come from a variety of different backgrounds. We actively recruit school teachers, PGCE students, qualified sports coaches and childcare professionals to take our management roles. The professional staff we employ helps us exceed the high standard that are set and expected by Ofsted. All our staff are DBS checked and we will always have at least one first aid trained staff member on site at all time.

We recognize the importance of health and safety and child welfare. We are the only provider of our kind that has training developed in partnership with Cardinus Risk Management and approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management.

Without exception, all of our coaching staff are qualified and have completed our own comprehensive training. We value our coaches competing experience very highly and employ several current top-level athletes as Triathlon Masterclass coaches. Their experience adds great value and insight throughout the camp.