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ON COURT TENNIS CAMPS Coaching programme


On Court Tennis is a fun tennis programme which runs from 9.30am to 4.30pm with extra time club available from 8.30am to 5.30pm. Each Camp is filled with plenty of tennis games, coaching and competition, as well as workbook completion, self analysis and some arts and crafts activities using tennis as the catalyst.

OCTC is between 2-5 days in length. Check your local camp venue for more details.

All children who attend the full camp will receive a free t-shirt. We have spot prizes, certificates, competitions and lots more...

On Court Tennis Camps

The On Court Tennis Camp offers 7-14 year olds the chance to develop and build on various different skills that will help them to enjoy the fantastic sport of tennis.

This is done though a carefully planned camp designed by top LTA Development coaches and childcare professionals centred around game based learning. Game based learning allows players of all ages and abilities to play the game then work on improving areas of weakness and building areas of strength whilst importantly understanding tactical decision making. Each of our programmes include activities to help develop:

  1. Coordination, speed, agility, footwork patterns and flexibility
  2. Technical development of strokes appropriate for the level of the player
  3. Tactical understanding of options and positioning

We understand what is required at every age and ability level to have fun and deliver a stimulating, challenging and exciting tennis camp.

On Court Tennis Camps


OCT have trained managers on every site who come from a variety of different backgrounds. We actively recruit primary school teachers, PGCE students, childcare professionals and highly qualified sports and activity staff in order to ensure that our camps are as safe and effective as possible, and that we meet the high standards set and expected by Ofsted.

We recognise the importance of health and safety and child welfare and as such we are the only provider of our kind that has training developed in partnership with Cardinus Risk Management and approved by the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management. All of our staff whether they are an assistant coach or regional manager take part in our approved online training.

We value our coaches experience very highly and employ several current and former national rated players as OCT coaches. Their experience of playing in competitions add great value and insight into what is required to play at the highest level. We are proud to have several coaches who have received national recognition for their coaching.

Many of our OCT coaches play at a high level, coach at school, club and representative level. Some of our outstanding staff have experience of coaching abroad with talented young players, as well as coaching in Europe.


Useful information and downloads

We take our responsibilities for the care of each child at our camps very seriously. This page is designed to provide all necessary and useful information for parents; from the timings of a typical day to our booking terms and conditions.