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Multi Sport and Activity holiday camps for children aged 5-16 years

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for children aged 5-16

Inspiring a new generation of tennis players!
9.30am-4.30pm with optional extended hours from 8.30am-5.30pm

On Court Tennis Camp Programme

The On Court Tennis Camp offers 7-14 year olds the chance to develop and build on various different skills that will help them to enjoy the fantastic sport of tennis.

This is done though a carefully planned camp designed by top LTA Development coaches and childcare professionals centred around game based learning. Game based learning allows players of all ages and abilities to play the game then work on improving areas of weakness and building areas of strength whilst importantly understanding tactical decision making. Each of our programmes include activities to help develop:

  1. Coordination, speed, agility, footwork patterns and flexibility.
  2. Technical development of strokes appropriate for the level of the player.
  3. Tactical understanding of options and positioning.

We understand what is required at every age and ability level to have fun and deliver a stimulating, challenging and exciting tennis coaching programme.

On Court Tennis is not just a skills development camp. We offer exciting and interesting sessions in core skill development that are useful not only in a sporting context but also in wider life and social environments.

We understand that to develop young children holistically they cannot just play tennis for 8 hours each day so the programme is enhanced with additional education in the following areas as part of the course

  • Creative writing and research based around WTA/ATP tour players or the sport of tennis itself
  • Leadership
  • Communication and problem solving in teams
  • Creative tennis arts and crafts
  • Maths within sport
  • Multi Activity Games

An example timetable of activities is shown below. Every day on the Academy is different and session structure and length may vary and change. Each group's curriculum is age/ability related and players may be moved to different groups to be challenged appropriately.

On Court Tennis Camp Typical Day

8.30 - 9.30am Extra Time Club (DVD/Arts & Crafts)
  Tennis Energiser
Session 1 Sending and receiving skills - forehand
  Drinks break and quiz
Session 2 Technical development
Session 3 Target zomes - shot specific focus
  Lunch and fun games
Session 4 Multi Activity Games
  Drinks break and Quiz
Session 5 Individual matchplay
Session 6 Reflection, coach led activities
4.30 - 5.30pm Extra Time Club (DVD/Arts & Crafts)