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Multi Sport and Activity holiday camps for children aged 5-16 years

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for girls aged 7-16

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9.30am-4.30pm with optional extended hours from 8.30am-5.30pm

Netball Fever Coaching Programme

The Netball Fever coaching curriculum has been developed by coaches from the highest levels in the sport and is designed to give the best all round netball experience.

The fun and unique 3-day programme has been designed for all ages and abilities from beginner through to representative level.

Each coach will work with their groups and individuals during the course aiming to improve game play and technical ability. Netball Fever coaches add their own personal touch to every session. All girls who attend the full course go home with written feedback from their coach on their performances during the week, with areas to improve and ideas on how to develop further. Participants also complete research on their star players as well as self analysis and poster or workbook completion.

We understand that to develop children holistically they cannot play netball for 8 hours a day. We enhance our programme with additional education in the following areas as part of each camp:

  • Creative writing and research (based around the star visitor and netball in general)
  • Leadership, Communication and problem solving (bulit in to the daily coaching and playing)
  • Creative netball arts and crafts (where possible and within workbooks)
  • Maths within netball including scoring
  • Diet and Nutrition (10 years and above)

An example Netball Fever day can be seen below. Every day is different and session structures and lengths may vary and change.

Netball Fever Example Day

8.30-9.30am Extra Time Club (DVD time/Arts & Cratfs)
  Netball Fever Energiser
Session 1 Passing and footwork movements
  Drinks break and quiz
Session 2 Attacking - getting free from your defender
Session 3 Specific Shooting Technique
  Lunch and star visit fact finding
Session 4 Exploring the world of netball*
Session 5 Leadership and communication games
  Drinks break
Session 6 Matchplay and small sided games
  Reflections on the day
4.30 - 5.30pm Extra Time Club (DVD time/Arts & Crafts)

*exploring the countries and cultures of the netball playing nations