Multi Activity Themes & Activities

Multi Activity Camp weeks each have a fantastic theme which dictate the activities on display during the week!

Multi Activity Camps

Activate: Survival Adventure

Learn to explore and survive the great outdoors!!

The camp attendees will explore the great outdoors, sampling all that nature can offer at the venue whilst learning basic survival skills. The start of the week is focussed on learning survival skills in fun, engaging sessions from our specially trained staff. Towards the end of the week the children will put those survival skills in to action, working in teams, when they are called on to a survival adventure.

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t attend the start of the week, our staff will re-cap all skills to make sure every team is on the same playing field for the survival adventure.


Multi Activity Camps

Urban Skillz

Take part in exciting street games and (within reason) extreme sports!

The camp attendees will experience a range of urban and street themed sports and activities. The children will get the chance to ride Micro Scooters and skateboards off ramps, take part in Nerf gun/Laser gun wars, sample the worlds of freerunning, street performing, crazy golf and street dance!

The camp also work together to create a whole group graffiti wall using spray paint!


Multi Activity Camps

Gold Medal Academy

Enter the Athlete’s Village to train for and then compete in the End of Week Activate Games!

The camp attendees will take part in an Olympic athlete’s Games experience, day 1 and day 2 children step in to the athlete’s village when they will practise the Activate Games sports, create their team clothing on a free white t-shirt and create Games Torches ready for the opening ceremony. Day 3 plays host to the Opening Ceremony and the first sports of the Games. Day 4 and day 5 are all about the team competition.

Don’t worry if your child can’t attend the full week. Every day our brilliant staff will make sure new children are integrated with the camp, have time to copy the team clothing and practise any sports before getting involved with the competition.


Multi Activity Camps

Global Games

Travel around the world with a whole host of sports and activities from across the globe!

The camp attendees will take part in a variety of sports, activities and arts & crafts from around the world. Every day the fantastic coaches will take children on a journey of the globe trialling sports and activities from every continent.

Every day, children get the opportunity to create iconic historic artefacts, structures or items from around the world.


Multi Activity Camps

Create & Innovate

Get your creative and innovative juices flowing!

The camp attendees take part in a variety of sports and activities that will test and improve their creativity including problem solving challenges, modified sports sessions, arts and crafts and showpiece activities.

The showpiece Create & Innovate sessions get children working in small groups to create exciting projects during camp such as erupting volcanoes, suspension bridges and safety capsules for the egg drop challenge.

Useful information and downloads

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