Activate Sport

Multi Sport and Activity holiday camps for children aged 5-16 years

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for children aged 5-16

Athletics, cycling, handball, basketball and much more…!
9.30am-4.30pm with optional extended hours from 8.30am-5.30pm

Gold Medal Academy Coaching Programme

GMA uses sport as a catalyst for childrens’ development. At the core of the Olympic and Commonwealth values are understanding, development, and self-expression, and the GMA embraces these values by including sport and much more into the programme.

Activate builds on the sports experienced in the programme and develops the programme around ideas from the IOC Culture and education programme to focus on themes such as Well Being & Healthy Lifestyle, Social Responsibility and Expression. This includes getting children to think and discover through creative arts, dance and drama, exploring other cultures and much more.

As part of the programme children could for example experience activities including – flag making, opening ceremony organization, themed crafts based on an Olympic or Commonwealth Country, dance and drama from an Olympic country and much much more.


Junior Gold Medallist  Example Day

8.30 - 9.30am Extra Time Club (DVD time/Arts & Crafts)
  Opening Ceremony Energiser
Session 1 Athletics - Field Focus
  Drinks break and quiz
Session 2 Flag making and medal design
Session 3 Gymnastics - rhythmnic or fundamentals or dance & drama
  Lunch and quiz
Session 4 Olympic theme activity - exploring the world of sport*
  Drinks break and quiz
Session 5 Unihoc 
  Drinks break
Session 6 Short Tennis
  Reflections on the day
4.30 - 5.30pm Extra Time Club (DVD time/Arts & Crafts)

Junior Medallist Programme 5-7 years

Senior medallist Programme

The Junior medallist programme consists of age appropriate activities, introducing children to basic sporting concepts, small sided games and other activities to help chidlren express themselves and develop new skills.

Children will take part in Uni hoc sessions, short tennis, SAQ (speed agility and quickness) activities and gymnastics along with relevant arts and crafts sessions such as flag making, create-a-sport, design-an-athlete, medal making and face painting.

We understand that our junior medallists going from taking part in 1 or 2 hours of PE a week, to a 7 hour camp can be a bit daunting, so we offer plenty of chances to rest, recuperate and refuel with breaks, arts and crafts and enrichment sessions

The Junior medallist Programme aims to create a fun learning and challenging environment, where children can experience some new sports and activities.

Senior Medallist Programme


Senior Gold Medallist Example Day

8.30 - 9.30pm Extra Time Club (DVD time/Arts & Crafts)
  Opening Ceremony Energiser
Session 1 Sports Hall Athletics
  Drinks break and quiz
Session 2 Gymnastics - rhythmnic or fundamentals 
Session 3 Flag making and medal design
  Lunch and quiz
Session 4 Handball (external coach)
  Drinks break and quiz
Session 5 Olympic theme activity - exploring the world of sport*
Session 6 Fencing
  Reflections on the day
4.30 - 5.30pm Extra Time Club (DVD time/Arts & Crafts)

Junior medallist Programme

The Gold Medal Academy is a fun and challenging coaching experience for children aged 8-12 who wish to follow in the footsteps of some of the Great Britain athletes.

The course curriculum is designed to offer technical coaching in several Olympic Sports and Commonwealth Games sports and activities based around the games. The programme will allow children to try new activities and learn what it takes to represent your country at the highest level!

The Academy will cover a variety of sports including Athletics, Tennis, Golf, Football, Swimming and Cycling (site dependent) to less mainstream sports such as Handball, Volleyball, Basketball and Fencing.

More than just a sports camp

We understand that to develop young children holistically they cannot just play sport for 8 hours each day so the programme is enhanced with additional education elements using the Olympics and Commonwealth games as the inspiration. These exciting elements might include:

• Creative writing and research about a country represented in the games or on a star athlete attending the camp

• Leadership, Communication and problem solving activities

• Creative arts and crafts based on the Olympics and Commonwealth Games

• Maths within sport including scoring and medal tables

• Diet and Nutrition (10 years and above)


​*exploring the countries and cultures of the nations that take part in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games