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What to expect when working on the Holiday Activities and Food programme:

The Holiday Activities and Food programme (HAF) is a Government funded programme to provide school-aged children on benefits related free school meals in England with access to free healthy meals and activities over the Easter, summer and Christmas holidays.

The aim of the Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) programme is to support children to eat more healthily, be more active over the school holidays and have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition as well as be more engaged with school and other local services.

As a result of this programme, we want children who attend this provision to:

  • Eat healthily over the school holidays
  • Be active during the school holidays
  • Take part in engaging and enriching activities which support the development of resilience, character and wellbeing along with their wider educational attainment
  • Be safe and not to be socially isolated
  • Have a greater knowledge of health and nutrition
  • Be more engaged with school and other local services

We also want to ensure that the families who participate in this programme:

  • Develop their understanding of nutrition and food budgeting
  • Are signposted towards other information and support, for example, health, employment, and education

HAF Venue Locations

2023 dates and venues to be confirmed.

We’re looking for 

  • Camp Managers
  • Early Years Leads
  • Coaches
  • Activity Instructors
  • Assistant Coaches

For more information, please email jobs@we-activate.co.uk



Can you beat your BEST? You'll need to be at your BEST. Every camp will have at least 2 exciting challenges each day!

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