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Multi Sport and Activity holiday camps for children aged 5-16 years

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Inspiring a new generation of lacrosse players!
9.30am-4.30pm with optional extended hours from 8.30am-5.30pm

for children aged 7-16

Active & Inspiring Childcare

Activate Camps are fully committed to the development and growth of your child as a whole. We are not purely a sports skills development camp, we offer exciting and interesting sessions in core skill development that are useful not only in a sporting context but also in wider life and social environments.

Activate Camps are Ofsted registered and strive to be “Outstanding” in all we do, we are committed to meeting and exceeding Ofsted requirements as well as aiming to contribute to the national policy and strategy to “Help Children Achieve More”. As part of this commitment we aim to educate and guide your child as far as possible in the following key outcomes:

  • Being Healthy
  • Staying Safe
  • Enjoying and Achieving
  • Making a Positive Contribution

To help your child develop and grow Activate Camps deliver additional activities through our engaging enrichment during the camps. The sessions cover leadership, verbal and non-verbal communication, co-operation, teamwork, expressive thought and organisational behavior.

We believe that these core skills are vital to the development of the whole person, both in sport and in all other aspects, and the Activate Camps ethos will always focus on the development of these areas as well as those of the physical literacy of the sport concerned.

Our Enrichment contains the extra curricular activities for children that sit alongside our sports and activity courses. Enrichment broadens horizons, develops new skills and contributes to camp participants personal and social development.

To ensure a broad mix of activities, Activate Camps have divided enrichment into three core areas:

Personal development

  • Communication
  • Creative writing and research
  • Leadership

Team development

  • Communication in teams
  • Problem solving as groups
  • Accountability and control

Academic and lifestyle development

  • Maths within sport
  • Diet and nutrition

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How is Enrichment Assessed?

The camp participants themselves do the most important assessment, by reflecting upon and communicating what they have gained from enrichment. This process is overseen by Activate staff as well as the technical sports coaches delivering the sporting competencies.

When does enrichment take place?

Enrichment will take place throughout the camp programme schedule implemented within structured sessions of the day and subtly within core technical sports sessions.

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