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Cooking up results.

You are what you eat, or so the saying goes. We all know that fuelling up with good nutrition serves to enhance our mental health and physical performance but, who wants to chomp their way through sad, underappreciated vegetables for the rest of their days?

Delight your friends and family as you are encouraged to develop your own culinary personality over our 5 night, professionally led, fully immersive cookery course which will culminate in designing, cooking and serving up a fine dining experience for your family at the end of the week.

Feel empowered to take the next steps into independence and bring something special to the table each and every meal time.

The Student Chef - Advanced is a residential experience for 15-18 year olds.

Course Timetable

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday



Prepared by on-site staff

Pancakes with Fruit Compote Eggs - Many Ways Acai Bowl & 5-fruit Smoothie Fry Up
Activity 1   Ice Breakers Culture of foods - Education Session Food & Mood Workshop Supermarket Food Shop Dining Experience Prep
Activity 2   Food Hygiene Level 1 Prepare & Cook Lunch Prepare & Cook Lunch Prepare & Cook Lunch Dining Experience Prep
Lunch   Prepare, Cook & Eat Lunch Eat Lunch Eat Lunch Eat Lunch Dining Experience Prep
Activity 3 Arrival - 4pm-6pm Food Hygiene Level 1 Nature Walk Food Miles Education Session First Aid 3 Course Family Dining Experience
Activity 4 Welcome Set up Kitchen & Dining Room Nature Walk then Prepare & Cook Dinner Prepare & Cook Dinner First Aid Departure
Dinner Catered Meal Prepare, Cook & Eat Dinner Eat Dinner Eat Dinner Prepare, Cook & Eat Dinner  
Evening Activity Dress Rooms and Settle In Quiz Night Board Games and Film Night Menu Plan & Budgeting Escape Room


Course content

Over the course of 5 days, our dedicated and professional team will support each individual through a series of progressive sessions, challenging them to become:

Hygiene focused

Nutritionally aware

A strong team member


Organised and efficient

A confident Cook


Your week will begin on the Sunday evening where an introduction by the head chef will prepare you for the week ahead. A social BBQ will be prepared for you and our team will help you to settle in to your accommodation.

Certificates and courses

From the very beginning our team will be ensure that you have the necessary skills required to feel confident with every aspect of the course. Starting with obtaining a Food Hygiene Level 1 certificate before we get into handling food. The Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate is a great addition to your CV when looking for part time roles in catering whilst at College or University. Additionally, this can be added to your personal statement to demonstrate your commitment to extra-curricular learning. Later in the course we will run a 3 hour certified First Aid course to become more prepared for any accidents that may occur in the kitchen environment.

Practical Skills

Over 17 hours of the course have been dedicated to giving hands on experience creating nutritious, delicious food. Each of our recipes have been designed to support skills development and confidence in the kitchen. As well as the practicalities of fitting cooking into every day life.

Teamwork - An essential life skill
Easy Recipes - Short, simple recipes
Skill classes - Recipes to enhance cookery skills
Classic recipes - Recipes loved by all
Healthy budget recipes - Cheap & nutritious


To compliment the hands-on development in the kitchen, supporting workshops have been developed to encompass the culinary experience as a whole and elevate your knowledge on important factors surrounding food. Such as sustainability, responsibility and the impact that it has on mental wellbeing. Empowering young people by being able to benefit their mental health through being able to cook nutritious meals.


After dinner there will always be a social activity led by our staff that rounds of the day with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. After this our night time staff will be available should you need them and will ask you to check in to your rooms by 10pm, lights out by 11pm. Giving you plenty of down time to enjoy.

Fine Dining

The finale of the week will be inviting family members to take part in a fine dining experience, designed, budgeted, prepared, served and cleaned down by course participants.



We will be staying in Crosthwaite house at St Georges School, Harpenden, which ordinarily serves as the boarding house for the term time students at the school. This is close to the cooking facilities that we will be using for the course delivery. Rooms will be shared with up to 5 other participants on the course with shared bathroom facilities on each floor. There are plenty of communal areas available as well as a garden area which will be used for some workshop delivery when appropriate. Check out our VENUE PAGE for more info.


The main course content will be delivered in the purpose-built home economics suite. The suite offers 2 spacious cooking classrooms equipped with 11 cooker stations each. We will be working on a ratio of 2 participants per cookery station to ensure as much hands on practice as possible for all. Dining will take pace in a separate classroom which we are repurposing as a dining room for the course.

Workshops and skills courses will be delivered in the nearby classrooms or outside, weather permitting.


Our seasonal staff team are put through a rigorous interview and training processes to ensure that we have just the right people for the job. All staff hold an enhanced DBS. Our venue manager will be supported by a team of pastoral and first aid professionals who are equipped to deal with any eventuality on site, as well as support participants with the challenges of being away from home.

The skills based cookery sessions will be led by a professional head chef and supported by passionate cooking instructors.

The Student Chef - Advanced @ St George's School 31st July-5th August £999

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