Providing 'Active & Inspiring Childcare'

Activate Camps are dedicated to providing high quality experiences for children, as part of this dedication Activate are registered with Ofsted and comply with all welfare and learning and development requirements associated with this registration.

The care and protection of your children always takes priority.

Activate Camps is committed to meeting the national standards identified by Ofsted and is dedicated to improving on these standards as part of our ongoing continuous improvement strategy. 

Our venues are all on either the compulsory or voluntary sections of the Ofsted Childcare Register and are therefore subject to routine and unannounced Ofsted visits. 

Each venue has a separate registration number allowing you to set up childcare voucher details, give feedback or view previous inspection reports. Please see the link attached for our up to date registration numbers.

Our enthusiastic staff are carefully chosen to ensure that your child receives the best possible care and experience whilst on our camps, this includes ensuring staff are properly first aid trained and have been vetted through the Disclosure and Barring Service for criminal records.

Activate Camps not only provides sporting activity but also incorporates arts and crafts, performing arts and even school study support within our programmes. We are proud of our courses and the manner in which we incorporate our unique “Enrichment Programme”. This programme helps to give your child as rounded an experience as possible. To see how our programmes go beyond sport and develop into “Active and Inspiring Childcare” visit the academy pages and select “Active Childcare” on the available tabs.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations and to deliver on the full requirements for Ofsted, these include ensuring that:

  • The welfare of your child is paramount
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are in place
  • That staff are hand chosen and suitable to be working with children
  • That Staff have the correct qualifications & training
  • That the venues and equipment we use are safe
  • Our camps are well organised
  • We have a clear complaints procedure
  • We provide relevant and timely information to parents

For more information about Ofsted and the requirements for the childcare register please visit the Ofsted website or contact us and speak to one of our experienced team.