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Talk to us about how we can work with your school or community call - 01785 711 572

Talk to us about how we can work with your school or community call - 01785 711 572

The Activate Sport Foundation represents a core belief that all young people, regardless of ability or social background, should have access to sporting opportunities.

Today's society is dealing with some very real issues over child obesity and poor social behaviour amongst our youth; and this is in the face of some tough public spending cuts. The Foundation is a vehicle that tackles these issues head on.

Sport has the unique ability to give young people a positive focus in life regardless of any other difficulties they face. Opening up a sporting pathway for a young person may or may not lead them to becoming an elite athlete; but it will certainly play a very positive role in their life.

What do we do

Activate Sport Foundation delivers projects/programmes in conjunction with individuals/communities and schools in challenging social areas throughout the UK. To date we have worked with more than 60,000 school children in 150 schools.

Our programmes are aimed at helping through sport to improve the health and fitness of young people at the same time mentoring their social engagement and providing further opportunities not only on the sports field but in the world of education and employment.

Through our programmes the Foundation endeavours to provide exit routes for the young alumni with the cooperation of local authorities and sports organisations.


Activate Sport created the Foundation as the charitable arm of the with realisation that for financial and social reasons many young people were being deprived of an access to sport and activity that would give them a fun-filled healthy upbringing. Faced with this challenge Activate Sport Foundation was created in 2010.

The Foundation launched its flagship programme, the Active Culture Campaign in partnership with the Co-operative and Proctor & Gamble. This is aimed at instilling in school children, their schools and parents the need to maintain active culture through quality sport/physical activity in the medium and long term. The campaign has reached over 60,000 children in 150 UK schools.

At the outset the Foundation realised the need for ingenuity and flexibility to succeed in its mission to reach out to fulfil the needs of its young audience. Its programmes are tailor-made for this: Game Changers combines rugby and education to bring about behavioural change in students most at risk of school exclusion; the Camouflage Fitness Campaign gets small groups of families working together through subtle family-based activities; with Evolution of Coaching, the Foundation works with some of the hardest to reach young people in the UK's Secure Children's Homes utilising sport as a medium to provide a platform for their life outside their time in Secure Children’s Homes. The Foundation is constantly evolving!