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Active Leaders


The Active Leaders Course gives young people first-hand experience of leadership skills through practical activity and workplace experiences.

The Active Leader Course focuses on the employability and career development of young people by upskilling them across a variety of areas, with activity as the core theme.

During the course, the Active Leader will;

- Gain work experience working with children in an activity camp setting (the course can be undertaken at ANY Multi Activity Camp listed below)

- Learn communication, motivation and teamwork skills that can be applied across all walks of life

- Develop group management and leadership skills

- Understand the transferable benefits of engaging in physical activity

Active Leaders

Following the Active Leaders course at any of the venues below, the newly trained Active Leaders can gain further work experience opportunities at any of the subsequent weeks at that venue.

A great opportunity to put their newly learnt skills in to practice and gain important work experience to add to their CV.

Find out more information on the Active Leaders website

All Active Leader courses running alongside Activate Camps this year are £160. You can book online through the Activate Camp booking system, simply select your location and choose the Active Leaders option.


When booking, please do not add the extended hours/extra time club option as this is already included in the £160 fee.

Active Leader Courses running this summer will be announced soon!

Active Leaders


Activate’s Step into Leadership Awards are ideal for 12+ year olds who have an interest in sport or activity instruction and would like a positive experience to help them on their way.

The Step into Leadership Awards give young people first-hand experience of coaching and leadership skills through a combination of theory exercises and practical on-course experiences. As part of the awards, Leaders will complete workbooks and deliver a variety of coaching sessions, starting with warm-ups and building up to eventually leading their own planned sessions, all with the help of their on-site mentor.

There are 2 stages to the Activate Leaders Award, Level 1 and Level 2, each award typically takes 5-days to complete however it is possible to complete on a 3-day course with the right attitude and commitment! Level 1 is great for a young person's first steps in to leadership and after completing their Level 2 award, Leaders are then ready to move on to the Active Leaders Award.

The Modules covered in each Award are listed below.

Active Leaders

Level 1

  • Communication Skills
  • Motivation Skills
  • Introduction to planning and reflection
  • At least 1 hour of coaching delivery

Level 2

  • Safety while coaching
  • Inclusion while coaching
  • Planning a session
  • Reflection on coaching
  • At least 2 hours of coaching delivery

The Activate Step into Leadership courses can be undertaken at any of our camps running nationwide. All you need to do is choose your venue/dates and call the office on 01785 711 572 in order to book. Both courses are £160 each.


Anyone who has completed the old Bronze, Silver and Gold can continue on that pathway but we highly suggest moving to the Active Leaders course if possible when you are 15 years old.

In order to book or for more information please call the office on 01785 711 572.

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